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Thank you for your interest in supporting our team!  If you are a business who would like to sponsor the team, please see this page.  


TVC donation dollars support coach training, travel to races and purchasing team equipment for racing and practices. Funding supports our ability to purchase team-branded tents, bike racks, tables, and chairs, 2 way radios, banners, water coolers, race-day food and nutrition, team jerseys, critical spare parts and tools (tires, tubes, pumps, etc.), and first aid supplies. Because this is an expensive sport, occasionally a rider is in need of scholarship or a loaner bike, your dollars make this possible!

There are a couple of ways you can donate.  If you would like to send a check, please visit the Contact Us page and let us know, we will provide you with an address.  Otherwise, please fill out the form below to make an online donation with a credit card or PayPal.  Thank you!


Thank you for your donation!

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